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Susan's Sloping Ceiling

Hi Christine,

I’m from England and you have already given me some great advice on my dining room and living room. Your blog is so helpful and inspiring.


I would really appreciate advice on how to brighten up a small bedroom with a sloping ceiling. It used to be a study, but since we moved our study downstairs, this room has just collected paperwork, sewing stuff and clutter. I attach a floor plan and three (embarrassing) photos. I am so ashamed by the mess in this room.  



I want to make the room with the sloping ceiling an extra guest room for when friends with children come to stay. But I am struggling to work out how to give the room a focal point or any kind of interesting feature. I have found a bed (the white IKEA Hemnes day bed) which will fit under the sloping ceiling. As a single bed it will leave space to walk to the shelves at the end of the room but it will also pull out into a double bed if we have lots of guests.


I plan to declutter, paint with a light-reflecting paint, hide the sewing stuff in a closet behind the door, put a desk or sewing table near the window and add better shelves to the alcoves. Other than that I would love some ideas on how to make the room attractive.  My room needs to appeal to older kids, teenagers and adults.


In terms of colours, I will keep the brown carpet, but I can add a rug to tie other colours in. In terms of style I will probably look for a closet and desk that go well with the white IKEA daybed. The house is over a hundred years old and has mostly traditional features (although I like modern furniture too and in this attic room only really the windows are traditional).


Thanks so much in advance.




Hi Susan, 

It looks like the IKEA bed would look great.  If we can pretend for a minute that money is no object, I would use a built-in bed, behind which, built-in shelves, with a false back.  Your room is very small.  (I'm sure I didn't need to tell you that.)  Don't over-furnish the space- it would be easy to do.  For a desk, I would use one like the wall mounted desk above.  (available on etsy).  

I would find a cute wallpaper or mural- like the one below from anthropologie.  Your wall is smaller than the mural- which is perfect, because it can be trimmed to fit perfectly.  


I would have paint matched to the background white shade for the rest of the room.  

I'd add a cute chair- like the Elowen chair from Anthropologie.  I especially like how cute it is from the back- looking at my floorplan (below)- you'll see that the back of the chair is what you see when you enter the space.  

Add a Roman shade, overmounted above your windows in a fun whimsical fabric.  The fun part about a guest room is that you can be less conservative than you might feel comfortable with in other spaces in your home.



Throw a fiddle leaf fig in the corner and your room is perfect.  


Finish off the space with white bedding and colorful patterned pillows.  You just might want to make this your bedroom when you are done.  





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