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An Easy Fix

Hi Christine,


I’m not sure if the is the appropriate email address for help, but I was so happy to have stumbled across your site. My daughter just bought her first home in Austin, TX but (really) doesn't care for the blue trim - and we're not sure what style the house is - Craftsman? Mishmash of styles?  We have no clue what’s appropriate for that odd window-trim-not-quite-shutters thing they have going.  The tree will have to be cut back so even more of the house will show soon.  She's going to have to leave the base color of the home alone for now but is not sure what to do with the window trim, front door and garage door.  


Any guidance is appreciated! 





Hi Jacqueline, 
I don't think anyone anywhere cares for that blue trim.  That was simply a seriously poor selection that makes no sense.  Luckily it's an easy fix.
To answer your question- yes- it's a miss-mash home.  The shape of the column is Craftsman, but the shape of the home and roof in general are not.  But it doesn't matter, I'd give you the same advice either way.
Paint the window trim and the garage the same color of white that is on the columns.  Hopefully that's the same color as the trim around the garage.  I cannot even see what color the door is from the photos- but that is where you have more flexibility.  It could be charcoal, black, dark taupe, or natural wood.  I would seriously trim your bushes.  I don't feel like they should be in this area at all:
With light and neutral paint everywhere, I'd use much darker lights.
I would have fun with the porch, paint a pattern on the floor, put stained wood paneling on the ceiling and charming hanging lights and some comfortable chairs.  

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