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The Christmas Bedroom Reveal Part 4

Nancy and I added reading lights to the boys' room.  I need Nancy to help me, because I am scared to drill into the wall.  When people hire me to decorate, I don't actually do the drilling.  This is something I pay other people to do.  Too many years of that, along with an over-active "it needs to be perfect" attitude, combined with my husband wincing every time I try to hold a power tool, and somehow I am convinced I will mess things up.  In comes Nancy.  She's not intimidated by anything.  Just what I need.  I love these lights.  I know they sort of look like kitchen faucets, but I like them.

I switched up the girls' bedroom wall a bit. It still needs a little help, but I need to go shopping to get another item or two for it.

A couple other views:

And one by the door...


The Christmas Bedroom Reveal part 3


Christmas is coming SOOO fast.  Steve has been hard at work on the trim.  I admit, I feel like it's taking FOREVER!!!  I can't move the furniture in until he's done, but I set the headboards against the wall so I could get started on some wall decor. 


The headboards are from Padma's Plantation, the large frames above them are from Pottery Barn, and the little initials are from Hobby Lobby.  I already had the swing arm lights; they were in their last room.  However, I replaced the very juvenile looking polk-a-dot Land of Nod shade with these from Pottery Barn.  I'm really happy with the shades.  They are so much larger than the last ones, and the drum shape is terrific. 


Susan, Nancy and I started hanging a collection of wall decor in the girls' room.  (so glad to have help from my friends!! )   I don't like the collage.  I'm going to fix it tomorrow.  Want to know what I did wrong?  Sometimes you can learn as much or more from that kind of information.  I was trying to use that large frame that I already had, and turned it into the clothes pin thing.  However, it was too large, it didn't mix into the collage, and then ends up dividing the collage in two, which is a bad thing.  the second thing I did wrong?  I put up everything different, nothing matching, but then I added the three cork circles.  They are actually trivets from IKEA.  You need everything to NOT match, or you need a series of repetitions.  However, this half and half is bad. 


Now someone is wondering, how, a "know it all" like myself messed up...  Well, like a lot of people, I was trying to save some money.  All of the wall decor was starting to add up.  I was trying to re-purpose the large frame, and the IKEA circles were seriously cheap.  Moral of the story: saving money can sometimes encourage people to do things they know they shouldn't.  Has that ever happened to any of you?   Spend the money and do it right.   My husband would hate this story.  Good thing he doesn't read my blog. 


My favorite wallpaper hanger, Judy Savage, hung my mural in the boys' room today.  She's amazing.  And fast.  I love the mural.  Maybe my boys will learn their geography...


The Christmas Bedroom Reveal part 2

So far I have done a ton of work and have little to show for it in pictures.  In the "will be boys'" room, we finished painting, and then on the far wall we flattened the texture.  My friend Nancy and I thought we'd take this on, as Steve was simply not making enough progress fast enough for me.  I bought some spackle, thinned it a bit, made a horrible mess troweling it on the wall, ruining my pedicure, let it dry, sanded the next day, which I found out the next day causes cancer, so- don't try that at home.  Still, the wall is just white, Stephen then primed it, very smelly job, still, no picture for the blog, still a white wall. 


Then I moved the contents of their closets.  If any local friends want some little boy toys, let me know, I have some purging to do.  How many race tracks do two boys need?  The girls' closets contents are in the boys' closet, and vice versa. A crazy un-fun job, still- nothing exciting enough for a blog post. HGTV leaves out the hassle of moving the stuff.  It is just as intrusive as actually moving to a different home.  They leave it out no doubt because it is super boring hard work.


Did I mention we are changing the trim?  Any regular reader of my blog knows I like large trim, and hate wimpy trim.  We had re-done the trim throughout the house years ago, including my office, master bedroom, etc., but hadn't gotten to the kids' bedrooms.  Steve has been removing and replacing 3.5 inch baseboard with 9" base in the bedrooms.  Of course you can't do that without replacing door trim, etc.  On Saturday, while I was at Tae Kwon Do belt testing with the boys, he painted and installed the trim in the boys' bedroom.  Sadly, he used the paint that was supposed to be the trim paint in the girls' bedroom.  Of course I told him that, but he was a bit confused over the "old girls' bedroom" or "new girls' bedroom, used to be the boys' bedroom".  We'll have to re-paint that- and soon, Christmas is coming!  So- still lot much to see here.  Steve did get a coat of paint in the New girls' bedroom before he went to bed Saturday night, so now the furniture is in my entryway, and the room is still waiting for cutting and perhaps a second coat.  I love the color though- super pretty.  It is light French gray SW0055.  Here are some pictures using the same color:

 Did I mention I had beds in my entry? 


The Christmas Bedroom Reveal part 1

For Christmas this year My husband and I are re-doing our kids' bedrooms.  They are both ready for a new look.  My girls have outgrown their pastels and my boy's room never got the love that an interior designer mother should have given it. 

Today we broke the news to the kids that the boys and girls were switchning rooms.  I have some good reasons, but I knew that the boys would be upset.  They are moving from the large room to the smaller room.  Don't you hate it when one bedroom is clearly superior to another?  What is a parent to do? Pick their favorite child? One bedroom is larger and has a better window and a better closet.  Aren't architects parents? 

Needless to say, they WERE upset.  My little guy, Lincoln was totally crying.  I tried to explain to him that I was going to make his room awesome.  I asked him, "Do you know what your mother does professionally?"  Lincoln angrily responded, "She's a BAD interior designer!"  Ignoring the insult, trying to explain that I was uniquely capable of great things, I asked, "Do you know what interior designers do?"  To which Lincoln said, through his tears, "Ruin children's lives!"

I'd better make this good, or we are seriously going to have the worst Christmas ever.  I moved the kids to the bonus room for the rest of the month.  Their bedrooms are off limits, until Christmas day.  I'm quite certain that none of them read my blog, so I will keep you all updated here.  ;-)  Today we painted over a super cute mural that my mom did when we moved in.  I always wanted to add wainscotting below it, and we never did, which in turn always made me crazy at the "unfinishedness" of it all- but here is the "before" pics of my girls, "will be boys" bedroom. 



The mural was really hard to cover- but thank you Steve!  He did it.  We didn't worry so much about the one wall, I have other plans for it, and it didn't need to be perfect.  I'm trying not to be sad at the loss of the mural... 

Today's "after" pic.  It was hard to photograph, because the beds are in the center of the small room.  We have a long way to go!

I used a bright white, Snowbound, from Sherwin Williams on the wall.  More to come... 




The Ranch House



Thanks for your blog!

We are finally doing the roof and am terribly unnerved at choosing a product you want to keep forever.  I am thinking about using Tamko Heritage rustic black.

Your ideas would be greatly appreciated.  (Bench and shutters are on the outs also ;p ) thanks


- Elaine


Hi Elaine,


Black is such a nice safe selection.  A truly timeless color.  Keep a black front door, and you can change your house color ten times and it will still go. Select it with confidence, you made a good choice.


I don't know what your floorplan looks like inside, so this might be impossible, but- I would suggest a stronger entrance.  Your front door is practically hidden in a corner.  Check out below what your house would look like with a double door. 




I would also create a little front porch feel.  Changing the pitch of your roof and actually having a covered porch would be quite expensive, but you could simply add a raised deck area.  I would extend it all along the area from where the house comes out by the fireplace, to the end of the house.  Then add a couple of chairs and a table, and you have created a little living space, to watch the neighbors walk their dogs while you sip some tea.



 Also- see how on the left you have window, window, window, window, big solid space of siding?  I would plant a bush in front of that big solid space of siding, about the size of a lilac bush.

Thanks for writing in!



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